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The Brewery

JoBoy's Beer : 

Lititz Springs Lager - ON TAP NOW
An American lager, easy drinking and smooth.
                                                                        IBU 40 - ABV 5.2%

Manheim Red - ON TAP NOW 
Our flagship beer, is amber to red in color with a medium body, slight caramel sweetness, and a balance more towards malt than hops. This beer is a true crowd-pleaser and keeps you coming back for more. 
                                                                         IBU 22.5 - ABV 5.4%

Porter - ON TAP NOW
This is a malty dark ale with a complex and flavorful roasty character. Ours is more of an American interpretation in that it is a bit bolder than the English style. 
                                                                         IBU 42.5 - ABV 6.2

SMASH is a single malt, single hop style ale. The hop variety is a generous amount of Chinook. When ordering, just tell the server to "SMASH ME"! You'll be glad you did.
                                                                           IBU 69 - ABV 6.9%


This is our offering to the hop heads! A decidedly hoppy, bitter, and moderately strong American IPA. We use a generous amount of whole leaf Cascade, Nugget and Citra hops to showcase the freshness and citrus flavors that these hops provide.                                                                                                    IBU 84 -  ABV 6.5%

American Stout - with or without Nitro -   ON TAP NOW
Our American Stout is full bodied, roasty and hoppy. You will taste some chocolate and coffee flavors. We use American hops and a clean, neutral ale yeast.
                                                                          IBU 53 -  ABV 7.1%

German Wheat - ON TAP NOW
Brewed with all German grain and yeast, our beer is a pale, spicy, fruity, refreshing wheat-based ale. This style of beer includes 50% or more of wheat and features a unique banana/clove yeast character. 
                                                                         IBU 13 - ABV 5.9%

German Dark Lager - ON TAP NOW

A clean, slightly sweet, dark lager with low malt and hop flavors. 
                                                                        IBU 29 - ABV 4.7%

A dry hopped red IPA with rye added for a touch of spiciness.
                                                                        IBU 57.7 - ABV 5.1%

Pumpkin Ale -  ON TAP NOW
This is our holiday beer. A mild ale with the spices of the holiday pie you love. 
                                                                          IBU 23 - ABV 5.6% 

Dunkelweizen -  ON TAP NOW
Moderately dark, spicy, fruity, malty, refreshing wheat-based ale.
                                                                          IBU 13.5 - ABV 4.5%

"Grand Smash" Grape IPA -  ON TAP NOW
In collaboration with The Vineyard at Grandview, we took 10 gallons of their mashed Merlot grapes and fused them with our SMASH IPA. We hope you enjoy!
                                                                          IBU 69 - ABV 6.9% 

The "Fuzz" is a fruit beer. It starts with a clean very lightly hop base, a big peach nose and a dry slightly sour finish.
                                                                        IBU 15 - ABV 5.1%

Barley Wine - ON TAP NOW
A showcase of richness and complex, intense flavors. Our 3 year old aged American interpretation is bigger and hoppier than an English Barley wine. It still has a balanced body and residual sweetness.
                                                                       IBU 82.9 - ABV 9.5% 

This is a big brown ale. Slightly toasty with some caramel flavors and a full body. Hops are present to balance out this malty beer.

                                                                        IBU 4.75 - ABV 6.5%

"BITTER BOY" - ESB (Extra Special Bitter) - ON CASK NOW
Balanced with a firm hop bitterness, with a low hop character.
It also has a complex biscuity, toasty, nutty malt character.

                                                                        IBU 30 - ABV 4.5%

Dunkelweizen -  
Moderately dark, spicy, fruity, malty, refreshing wheat-based ale.
                                                                          IBU 13.5 - ABV 4.5% 

Russian Imperial Stout -
Our Russian Imperial Stout has been aged for 1 year. It's big, rich & bold with flavors and aromas of coffee, dark chocolate, caramel, and dark fruits. This is a limited offering. This beer is served in a 10oz glass and is limited to 2 per customer.

                                                                          IBU 74 - ABV 11%

"RAZ ASS ALE" - Summer Ale 
A clean, crisp refreshing ale similar to an American blonde ale
with low malt and hops with just a hint of raspberry.

                                                                        IBU 17.2 - ABV 5%

BPA - Belgian Pale Ale - 
Moderately malty, fruity, somewhat spice, easy drinking, copper-colored ale with a dry finish.
                                                                        IBU 24 - ABV 5.5%

Intensely hoppy, strong IPA with big maltiness and sweetness on the end. Spicy from the rye and black in color with little roasty or coffee flavors.
      IBU 88.3 - ABV 8.%

Irish Dry Stout - 
A low gravity, low alcohol, roasty, and light bodied beer with. It is semi-dry and a little bitter but easy to drink by the glass. 

                                                                          IBU 35 - ABV 3.4%

Brewed with honey malt, caramel crystal and other grains. It presents itself as a balanced beer leaning more t the malt side. It starts out with a touch of sweetness and ends somewhat dry. The beer is a honey color and has a hint of honey flavor.

                                                                            IBU 20 - ABV 5.2%

Coffee IPA- 
A cask conditioned IPA with flavors of coffee & grapefruit and finished with a cold steeped coffee late in the fermentation.

                                         IBU 60 – ABV 7.2%

Oatmeal Stout - 
A dark, full bodied, roasty ale with a slight oatmeal note in the background. A little sweeter then a dry stout with a slight creamy mouth feel and complexity.

                                                                            IBU 35 - ABV 5.5%

Belgian Tripel 
A golden, complex, strong Belgian ale with a full body. It finishes dry with some sweetness and a hint of cider. 
                                                                          IBU 30 - ABV 8.4%

Odin’s Ale - 
This ale originates from medieval folk lore in Northern Europe and particularly Scandinavia. Odin is the god of intoxicating drink and Odin’s Ale was the sacrificial beer left for the Yuletide ghost at Christmas.
IBU 17 – ABV 10%

Sahti style beer has a very long and interesting history originating from Finland. It dates back to the pre-Viking days. We invite you to try out take on this style. Brewed with Juniper Berries, it imparts a malty, resinous pine like flavor. Enjoy part of history.

                                                                     IBU 15.5 - ABV 7.3%

Imperial Red IPA- 
This Imperial IPA is a malt based beer with lots of hops. It starts out sweet and finishes dry. 
                                                                           IBU 84 - ABV 7.7%

Scottish Ale - 
Our Scottish Ale has a rich, complex, deep malt character and a fair amount of residual sweetness, some smokiness, and a low level of hop bitterness. Great with our smoked meats.  

                                                                           IBU 24.1 - ABV 7.8%

Holiday Ale - 
A hefty ale for the holidays. Spiced with Star Anise, Cinnamon, and Ginger. Enjoy!    MERRY CHRISTMAS!    
                                                                          IBU 69 -  ABV 8.2% 

“OLD HAT” – Old Ale -         


Old ales are from the 18th Century England. Our version is dark, malty, low hopped and fruity with a warming finish.



                                                              IBU 42 – ABV 7.8%

Belgian Dubbel - 
A deep reddish, moderately strong, malty and complex beer with a full body. This recipe features several specialty malts that impart complex flavors and are imported in from Belgian.

                                                                     IBU 18.7 - ABV 6.5%

Cask Aide was made just for cask. It has a hop flavor of grapefruit with a floral aroma.
                                                                         IBU 60 - ABV 7.0%

This is a specialty American Ale. It is malty with a healthy dose of hops to keep it balanced. The color is red; the flavor of coffee is present with a very clean finish.

                                                                     IBU 50.5 – ABV 5.6%

English Red -
The English Red is a malty red ale with low IBU. If you're not crazy about hoppy beers this maybe just what you are looking for.

                                                                        IBU 14 - ABV 6.2%

A thirst quenching summer ale, brewed with coriander, seeds of paradise and lemon zest. Enjoy this great summer ale.   
                                                                           IBU 27 - ABV 4.3%

This amber ale is a smooth drinking beer. The flavor is balanced and the body is light. Brewed with 6 different grains and hopped to be dry in the finish.

                                                                       IBU 34.8 - ABV 4.75%

German Altbier -  

Our Altbier is a medium body, clean, slightly bitter beer with a malt character often with a touch of toast, biscuit, and caramel. The bitter comes from a fair amount of hops. 

                                                                          IBU 42.3 - ABV 5.3%

"GOLDEN BOY" - Pale Ale -  
A dry hoppy pale ale brewed with Zytos hops. A great thirst quencher.

                                                                       IBU 44 - ABV 5.8

This mild ale is in the family of Brown Ales. Our ale is on the pale side of brown. It has a nutty character with a hint of tobacco. It is a smooth easy drinking ale that pairs well with our BBQ. 

                                                                    IBU 18 - ABV 3.2%

 "WITTY" - Wit Bier -  
A refreshing, moderate strength wheat-based ale. A zesty, citrus wit bier with a wonderfully soft, smooth, creamy feel to it. 

                                                                        IBU 16 - ABV 4.4%

"SANDY ASS ALE" - Blonde Ale - 
A clean, crisp refreshing ale similar to an American blonde ale with 
low malt and hops.

                                                                         IBU 17.7 - ABV 5.6%

Belgian Specialty -
A spicy Belgian ale with a dry finish. Exhibits varying amounts of fruity esters. Hop aromas are slight with a fairly light body.

                                                                           IBU 22 - ABV 4.5%

Belgian Golden Ale -
A golden, complex, effervescent ale with a sweet start and a crisp, dry finish. you will also pick up some pear notes.

                                                                            IBU 29 - ABV 7.0%

Hopblack Ale -  
This black IPA is made with lots of Nugget hops and a clean American yeast. We use a form of dark malt for color that has little to no roasted character. It is clean, slightly sweet with low malt and lots of hop flavor.
                                                                            IBU 49 - ABV 5.2%

"SPRING WATER" - Cream Ale 
A fairly clean, light colored beer with no overwhelming malt or hop flavor. A beer that tends to be an easy introduction for drinkers new to the rich flavors of the craft brew world.                                                                           IBU 15 - ABV 3.4%

Hop Light - 
This beer is light bodied with significant hop presence. We use Nugget and Cascade hops which give the beer a refreshing grapefruit flavor. A great treat for these warm months.  

Brown Belgian Abbey -  
This is a dark brown ale balanced but not hoppy. It leans more to the malty side and has a dry fruity finish with peppery and spicy notes.

                                                                             IBU 28 - ABV 5.5%

Dry Stout - 
A low gravity, low alcohol, roasty, and light bodied beer with a high level of hop bitterness. It is dry and bitter but easy to drink by the glass because of the dryness, low alcohol, and low carbonation. Our Dry Stout is a Nitro pour. 

Kolsch -  
A clean, crisp, delicate beer with soft malt and hop character. It has a light grainy Pilsner malt aroma and flavor. Fruitiness of the beer is very subtle. Enjoy one of JoBoy's favorite beers.

Patriot Ale -  
This Blonde Ale is smooth, easy drinking beer with a light body, and has the lowest alcohol content of our offerings. With light fruity esters, a touch of malt character, and just enough hops to keep things balanced. This is a very approachable selection for  those new to craft beer. 


A brownish red spiced beer with a rich malty body. Slightly sweet with Christmas holiday spices of cinnamon, vanilla and orange peel.     

                                                                           IBU 35 -  ABV 7.0%
Scottish Ale - Our Scottish Ale is rich, complex, clean, and has a slightly sweet malt character. It has little to no hop flavor with some smokiness. Great with our smoked meat. 

                                                                       IBU 24.9 - ABV 4.75%

Imperial Red -
Our Imperial Red has a significant bit of alcohol although not as strong or as rich as our Barley Wine. Ours is tilted toward a sweet and maltier balance with a hop presence.

                                                                          IBU 119 - ABV 8.3%

Smoked Porter -
Silky smooth porter with just enough smoked malt to add a depth of flavor. Great with our smoked meats.

                                                             IBU 48.9 – ABV 5.8%


      JoBoy's Growlers      $10.00
JoBoy's Growlers + Fill   $24.00
   Any Growler Refills       $14.00

Limit two growler fills per transaction/customer.

In accordance with the PA Liquor Control Board, customers will be limited to 192 oz. per transaction. Growlers can hold 64-68 oz. each. In order to be in compliance, we cannot sell more than two growlers per transaction/per customer.


JoBoy’s is one of, if not the smallest nano-brewery in Pennsylvania. We hand brew in small batches, and brew nearly every day. While we make no claims to brewing the best beer you ever had; we can promise hand-crafted beer that focuses on quality and that pairs well with our barbeque. 

No Matter if you're a certified beer geek, casual drinker, or this is your first experience with craft-brewed beer, we're confident that you'll find one that suits you, and perhaps even a few that open your mind to new styles.

In addition to the beers listed here, we'll do our best to offer specialty beers to get you acquainted with new styles, showcase seasonal ingredients, and demonstrate the complexity with which craft beers can be brewed. Ask us what's coming next and feel free to offer suggestions of your own.


Owner Jeff Harless & Master Brewer "Tug" McGall

We invite you to come and experience the taste of authentic southern BBQ.

New Hours: 
Monday - Thursday  11am - 10pm
  Friday - Saturday     11am - 11pm
        Sunday               11am - 9pm
(kitchen closes 1 hour before closing time) 


27-31 E. Main St.
Lititz PA 17543